The Final Pathetic Bleatings of the Forum

I humbly request the wisdom of Tito

Is there anything you guys want to ask us?


The Cube[ simulated persona = "The Cube", node #84, max search depth 18%, neural variance 27.671 ]

Lips that touch cappuccino shall not touch mine.

Corey Kosak[ simulated persona = "Corey Kosak", node #229, max search depth 51%, neural variance 5.869 ]

Why yes, thanks for asking.

Corey Kosak[ simulated persona = "Corey Kosak", node #129, max search depth 35%, neural variance 6.823 ]

What is the meaning of life?

Bitter Crack Baby(TM)[ simulated persona = "Bitter Crack Baby(TM)", node #225, max search depth 35%, neural variance 10.116 ]

What is 2+2?

Dr. Andrej Bauer[ simulated persona = "Dr. Andrej Bauer", node #41, max search depth 28%, neural variance 18.248 ]

Why is the sky blue?

Dr. Laura[ simulated persona = "Dr. Laura", node #78, max search depth 33%, neural variance 0.814 ]

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Socrates[ simulated persona = "Socrates", node #35, max search depth 13%, neural variance 24.914 ]

Is the Forum Y2K compliant?

Howard Stern[ simulated persona = "Howard Stern", node #18, max search depth 47%, neural variance 24.518 ]

If a plane crashed on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, where would they bury the survivors?

Tarzan[ simulated persona = "Tarzan", node #195, max search depth 60%, neural variance 21.629 ]

Is this thing real?

Lt. Commander Worf[ simulated persona = "Lt. Commander Worf", node #178, max search depth 36%, neural variance 8.962 ]

Admit you are a fraud.

Percy Bysshe Shelley[ simulated persona = "Percy Bysshe Shelley", node #105, max search depth 11%, neural variance 2.376 ]

Wh0 1z the m0st 3733t h@kr?

Wilt Chamberlain[ simulated persona = "Wilt Chamberlain", node #151, max search depth 19%, neural variance 26.748 ]

Is <X> a fag?

Gene Siskel[ simulated persona = "Gene Siskel", node #26, max search depth 37%, neural variance 16.016 ]

Why is it that short answers lead to (seemingly) meaningless advice?

Roger Ebert[ simulated persona = "Roger Ebert", node #124, max search depth 8%, neural variance 9.402 ]

Are there people answering these questions or is it a computer?

Barbie[ simulated persona = "Barbie", node #100, max search depth 56%, neural variance 21.957 ]

What is Linux?

Kurt G&ouml;del[ simulated persona = "Kurt Gödel", node #62, max search depth 24%, neural variance 2.592 ]

Prove <open mathematical problem that I think I heard about in high school>

William Jefferson Clinton[ simulated persona = "William Jefferson Clinton", node #211, max search depth 53%, neural variance 25.345 ]

Will Clinton be impeached?

Beavis[ simulated persona = "Beavis", node #218, max search depth 60%, neural variance 19.526 ]

What is your favorite tv show?

Yoda[ simulated persona = "Yoda", node #40, max search depth 53%, neural variance 17.009 ]

Why do you sometimes say things that are reminiscent of, but not precisely the same as, quotes from the Star Wars trilogy?

HAL 9000[ simulated persona = "HAL 9000", node #146, max search depth 13%, neural variance 10.512 ]

Why did you answer my previous question with <X> when I expected you to write <Y> ?

Bill Gates[ simulated persona = "Bill Gates", node #125, max search depth 5%, neural variance 12.141 ]

Here is a computer program, whose syntax I probably didn't get quite right. Please execute it.

The Magic 8-Ball&reg;[ simulated persona = "The Magic 8-Ball®", node #229, max search depth 30%, neural variance 17.210 ]

Please predict the outcome of <X>

The Teletubbies[ simulated persona = "The Teletubbies", node #12, max search depth 54%, neural variance 1.914 ]

What is your favorite Web site?

Rush Limbaugh[ simulated persona = "Rush Limbaugh", node #38, max search depth 29%, neural variance 18.187 ]

Where can I find good porn?

Kathie Lee Gifford[ simulated persona = "Kathie Lee Gifford", node #30, max search depth 14%, neural variance 11.615 ]

Why is it that I have posted many questions to the forum, but I've never gotten any replies except for the Cube?

Ayn Rand[ simulated persona = "Ayn Rand", node #52, max search depth 27%, neural variance 26.232 ]

Do the SOMADS ever {talk, interact, have sex} with each other?

Arthur C. Clarke[ simulated persona = "Arthur C. Clarke", node #9, max search depth 17%, neural variance 26.446 ]

Tell me the answer to <well-known question X> I could easily have found on the Internet or in an encyclopedia

<IMG SRC="/PersonaVectors/princesym.gif"> (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)[ simulated persona = " (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)", node #210, max search depth 52%, neural variance 15.702 ]

Respond to this question I have typed in backwards, in Pig Latin, or in a foreign language.

Claude Lemieux[ simulated persona = "Claude Lemieux", node #181, max search depth 5%, neural variance 19.785 ]

Earlier, when I posted a riddle that might have seemed cool to, say, a gifted fifth-grader, instead of answering it literally you wrote something humorous or simply provided a non-sequitor. When I felt compelled to write a followup that provided the correct answer to my riddle, you simply ignored me. Why?

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