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I humbly request the wisdom of Howard Stern

I need a good way to end a story. Basically I have 4 main
characters in a room. Anything goes. I don't want anyone to
be killed, though if it has to be done, fine. Also any
additional characters can join in. For now lets just say the
main characters are Tom, John, Jane and Bill. Ted is from
another apartment room and will also enter and play a part
in the ending.. Any suggestions? I'm sorry for being
general, but I'm just looking for basic ideas. This is just
for fun mind you.. Thanks...


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give it to mikey... mikey will compile anything

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How about this?

Tom and John are two young men who share a New York apartment. They consider themselves intellectually superior to their friend Bill and as a consequence decide to murder him. Together they strangle Bill with a rope and placing the body in an old chest, they proceed to hold a small party. The guests include Bill's father, his fiancee Jane and their old schoolteacher Ted from whom they mistakenly took their ideas. As Tom becomes increasingly more daring, Ted begins to suspect.

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[The four are drinking Tequila and watching "Shoah", and everyone is getting very depressed.]
John: You know, the thing about life is, you never know what's going to happen. Things could be going along fine, and then WHAM! You're dead.
Tom: So what? If you're dead, you won't feel bad about anything. You'll be dead.
Bill: I never learned to dance.
Tom: What?
Bill: All my life, I always admired people who could dance. They really seem to enjoy themselves. But I can't do it. I feel awkward.
Jane: I'll teach you.
Bill: You will?
Jane: Sure, why not?
[They begin moving slowly to imaginary music]

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Tom: [inaudibly] You bitch, he's mine!
Jane: What?
Tom: Nothing.
Jane: No, you called me a bitch. I heard you.
Tom: You don't deserve him.
Jane: [derisively] Do you?
Tom: Maybe. Maybe I do.
John: I can't believe it, our little Tommy's a FAG.

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How about this idea?
John and Jane go skydiving. They crash land in the middle of a barren wasteland. John asks Jane to go exploring in the area to look for interesting rocks. John keeps asking, but Jane doesn't seem to acknowledge the question, just keeps repeating "John", over and over.
Meanwhile Tom and Bill are back in California, somewhere near Los Angeles, wondering what happened with John and Jane.

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Tom: So what? I'm not!
Bill: [amused] so which is it?
John: I have to admit, I've had gay feelings too.
Tom: You have?
John: NOT!
Tom: [praying] Dear God, I've never asked you for anything before, but please, just this once, can you turn our Sun into a red giant and consume the first five planets in its fiery maw?

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[God complies]

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[Tom and John are standing on a street corner, debating philosophy.]
John: Someone told me that you don't believe man is born without knowledge.
Tom: That's true. I think that people are born knowing everything, and what we call learning is really just remembering.
John: You're a freak, you know that?
Tom: So other's have told me. Let's conduct an experiment. We'll stop the next slave who passes us, and ask him a simple geometry question. Although the slave will have obviously not been schooled in such advanced arts, I will demonstrate that he will get the correct answer.
John: I don't believe it.
Tom: Care to make it interesting? How about we wager the services of our best slave?
John: It's a bet.
A few moments pass. Eventually, a slave, carrying a bag of laundry, walks up to the pair of philosophers.
Tom: Slave. Could you stop for a moment and help us settle an argument? Bill:
[Tom sketches a triangle on the road.]
Tom: What have I drawn?
Bill: A triangle, sire.
Tom: Imagine that the sides of the triangle are roads running between three towns. I will tell you that this side, er, road, is the longest of the three. [
Points to one side of triangle] Imagine that you are in this town and want to go to this town. You have a choice of taking the longest road, or the two shorter ones. Which route would you take?
Bill: The long one, sire.
John: How is it that you are so certain?
Bill: Because it the shorter than the two other ones together, sire.
John: But Tom just told you that that road was the longest of the three! How do you know that the other two together are not shorter still?
Bill: They cannot be, sire.
John [
to Tom]: I would never have believed it. You win.
Bill: Can I go now, lords? My master will whip me for sure if I tardy any longer.
Tom: Yes, and thank you for helping us.
[Bill walks around the corner, and searches for another Lord, Ted, who hands him two dinars, and bids him "Good Day".]

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